Hardcash productions


About Us


Hardcash Productions was set up by David Henshaw in 1992. The rather abrasive name was a reference to an undercover expose of tight fisted employers made by David for the BBC, but - for legal reasons - never transmitted. David set up Hardcash to remake the programme for Channel 4 as a Cutting Edge. It was broadcast under the simple title 'Undercover' and kick-started theUndercover Britain and Countryside Undercover strands that ran for several years on the channel.

Hardcash has since then made a variety of films - documentary, current affairs and a range of cheeky pre-Louis Theroux interviews in which Simon Sebag Montefiore tormented the likes of Jeffery Archer, Ann Widdecombe and Max Clifford.

In the past few years, Hardcash has won three RTS Awards, four Emmys, a Bafta, a Grierson, and two Peabodys. In 2009 David was awarded a Fellowship of the RTS. The company continues to make high profile current affairs films for both Channel 4 and the BBC, including the Dispatches and This World strands.

The company has built a strong reputation for penetrating some of the most hostile territories in the world - North Korea. Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Saudi Arabia.