North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State

North Korean citizens reveal what life is like for the 24 million people who live in the world’s most secretive country, where every aspect of their life is controlled by the state.

For the past twelve months, North Korea has dominated the headlines.  But this is the most secretive and isolated country in the world.  No one knows what the people under the rule of the dictator Kim Jong-un really think.  Until now.

In this revealing film, we hear the uncensored views of people in the North – army officers, a senior member of the security service, and an ordinary family contemplating escape.  All risk their life and freedom to talk to four North Koreans who have managed to escape to the South, and who have broken through Kim Jong-un’s formidable wall of silence to talk to friends and colleagues in the North. As the film follows their stories over a momentous year, we see first hand the price paid for contacting the outside world…

Directed, Filmed and Produced by Sarah Collinson
Film Editor: Adam Richardson
Executive Producer: David Henshaw