Hardcash make documentaries and investigative films for all major UK and international broadcasters.  Since the company was established by David Henshaw in 1992, we have made more than a hundred films and won a range of awards - including six Emmys, two Baftas, the Prix Italia, four RTS Journalism awards, three Peabodys and two Griersons.  In 2009 David was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Television Society.

The company's name was a reference to an expose of tight fisted employers made by David for the BBC, but - for legal reasons - never transmitted. Hardcash Productions was set up to remake the programme for Channel 4, which led to the Undercover Britain and Countryside Undercover strands commissioned by the Channel over the next few years.

In the twenty-eight years since it began, Hardcash has filmed openly and undercover in some of the most dangerous places abroad - including North Korea, Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia.  We have exposed both Islamic and far right extremism here in Britain, and have used covert filming to reveal the inhumane and often unfair examination procedures for disability benefits.  Our investigations have often returned to the same issues - privately run children's homes and domestic slavery in the UK, for example - because these issues continue to demand attention.

Recent films have exposed the Chinese persecution of Uygur Muslims in Xingjiang,  told the story of the uprising in Hong Kong, and gone undercover to show the dark side of the World Economic Forum in Davos.  And we've caught celebrities Harry Redknapp and Caitlyn Jenner on camera, charging huge fees to promote good causes.