Beneath the Veil

26th June 2001| Channel 4 in association with CNN

Filmed in late 2000 and early 2001, ‘Beneath the Veil’ is the story of Saira Shah’s journey through Afghanistan, a country savaged by years of war but not yet under international scrutiny. Saira, along with Cassian Harrison (produced/director) and James Miller (cameraman) travelled through some major towns and small villages to talk to ordinary people, and discover how the Taliban’s regime affected their lives.

A timely insight into a country which has become the focus of international military, political, and media attention after September 11th, ‘Beneath the Veil’ is a devastating portrait of a country savaged by war and religious extremism, where journalists are no longer welcome, and where the rest if the world seems as distant as another planet.


Directed & Produced by James Millar and Cassian Harrison
Reporter: Saira Shah
Executive Producer: David Henshaw