Britain’s Rubbish

13th April 2006|Channel 4 Dispatches

Dispatches goes undercover to expose the criminals making a fortune out of Britain’s waste mountain.

Reporter Simon Barnes – the undercover postie who blew the whistle on theft in the Royal Mail – penetrates deep into the murky world of fake recycling, illegal dumping, and the criminal gangs who put two fingers up to the law. “I don’t give a f**k about councils, the government, the courts, nothing” boasts one Mercedes driving waste millionaire, fresh out of jail for illegal dumping.

With the environment at the top of the agenda, we’re all being told to fill our green bins with bottles and paper. But what actually happens to the stuff? Simon gets work at one of the country’s top recycling companies and finds that most of it ends up in landfill. Worse, he discovers that the award winning waste merchants are illegally importing unrecyclable household waste from Ireland, and just burying in the ground.


Reporter: Simon Barnes
Executive Producer: David Henshaw