Charles the Meddling Prince

12th March 2007| Channel 4 Dispatches

Prince Charles will one day be crowned King of England – a position which by constitutional convention is politically neutral. But in this six-month investigation, we reveal a number of serious concerns: the extent of his political ambition and interference, the measures his office have employed to silence his critics and questionable financial arrangements, which raise questions about his suitability for the throne and the future of the monarchy.

While the Queen has always adhered to her constitutional role and kept her opinions to herself, her son has proved an outspoken and controversial figure. Charles has made his views public on a range of issues. He has also entered debates on the environment, agriculture, architecture, education and alternative health remedies. But Dispatches has uncovered evidence that his public comments have often been backed up by secret lobbying and interference in political affairs that dates back to the year he became Prince of Wales.


Reporter: Simon Barnes
Producer Director: Adam Warner
Executive Producer: David Henshaw