Down the Tube

5th December 2001|Channel 4

Reporter Jonathan Miller seeks to find what the government and its proposed PPP system has in store for the millions of Londoners using the Tube system. Focusing on just a handful of incidents in which many people had to be evacuated along tracks and taken to hospital, ‘Down the Tube’ exposes the pervasive atmosphere of incompetence, carelessness and disrepair that accompanies the London Underground system.

Jonathan Miller consults academics, experts and politicians to ascertain why the PPP strategy was chosen from several other, more viable alternatives for the Tube, and attempts to elucidate the baffling structure of management and responsibility put forward by PPP architects. We also follow several commuters on their typical day’s journeys around town on the Underground, and discover the outrageous catalogue of delays and general incompetence to which every Londoner has become accustomed.


Reporter: Jonathan Miller
Directed & Produced by Andrew Smith
Executive Producer: David Henshaw