Gypsy Wars (Series)

September-October 2005| BBC2 & 3

Depending on which paper you read, Gypsies are either spongers and the scourge of society or a respectable community of people who have chosen a different way of life.

Filmed over eight months, Gypsy Wars offers a unique insight into the often-violent confrontations between local residents and the travellers who set up camp in their ‘back yard.’

Three films explore the lives of those who live on either side of the divide: travellers driven from town to town by the law, forced into huge illegal sites; and residents waging solitary campaigns defending their own ‘human rights’.

Not for the faint-hearted, the series delivers stories of eviction, destruction, revolt and murder.  Gypsy Wars reveals the jagged relationship between people who see themselves on the verge of civil war.


Directed & Produced by Richard Parry
Executive Producer: David Henshaw