Looking for Ricky

5th June 2001|Channel 4

Looking for Ricky’ is an investigation into the disappearance of Ricky D’Cotta, a London boy who left east London for the Tenerife 80’s club scene and never returned. It begins with interviews of people who knew Ricky as a boy, and then moves out to the island to try and trace Ricky’s last moves in Tenerife. The story develops into an expose of the islands drug-fuelled criminal underworld, in which everyone, from the editor of the local paper to the police, seems somehow implicated.

In the course of the film it is discovered that 5 unidentified bodies exist, which may be Ricky’s remains. Although DNA tests using samples from Ricky’s family prove inconclusive, the final statement from Ricky’s best friend reveals that Ricky was almost certainly murdered, following a botched robbery of a local drugs baron.


Directed & Produced by Simon Egan
Executive Producer: David Henshaw