Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing

27th November 2006| BBC2

Can killing animals to save humans ever be justified? That’s the question at the heart of the biggest battle in the history of animal rights – the campaign to stop Oxford University building an £18m new animal lab. As the demonstrations turn violent, film maker Adam Wishart has a ring side seat at the conflict. Out on the marches and talking to the scientists, Adam asks if vivisection actually works, and, if it does, can it be justified? Given unique access to the animal labs, this film shows you what actually happens to the rats and monkeys as researchers explore the workings of their brains. And we follow the story of Sean Gardiner, one young boy whose life could be transformed by animal research.

MONKEYS, RATS, AND ME is Hardcash’s first feature length documentary, and has been a year in the making.


Directed & Produced by Adam Wishart
Executive Producer: David Henshaw