Undercover with New Labour

23rd May 2005| Channel 4 Dispatches

In February this year Tony Blair addressed MPs and candidates about the forthcoming election campaign.  “The type of campaign we want to fight” he said, “is a completely different type of campaign (from that which has) gone before… we have got to get over worrying every night what is there on that bit on the news or that bit on the front pages of the newspapers and actually get right down to the grassroots in the country…”

But how far did Labour’s election campaign draw a line under previous preoccupations with presentation and allegations of “spin”?

Channel 4’s Dispatches has gone undercover in Labour party offices to reveal how party strategists sought to manipulate grassroots public opinion during the recent General Election campaign.


Reporter: Jenny Kleeman
Directed & Produced by Calum Walker, Sheena Cameron & Nkem Ifejika
Executive Producer: David Henshaw